10 Things We’re Thankful For In the World of Coffee

As Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s important to take stock. Here at Brew of the Moment, we’re feeling pretty thankful for the opportunity to have spent the last year sharing the latest news and reviews, history, and fun facts with you, our likeminded, coffee-obsessed readers.

For everyone else looking to pay homage to our beloved bean, here are a few of our top coffee-related reasons to be thankful.

1. The Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi, without whom none of us would be here today. This guy decided to try some red berries after noticing that his goats got a sudden burst of energy after eating them – essentially introducing coffee to thankful humans the world over. Read more about the history of coffee here.

2. The ultimate morning kickstart. Mondays (and all those other days, actually) are instantly improved with a good cup of coffee. How can something that tastes so good also deliver such an effective kick start to the day? Who knows, but we’ll take it.

3. Tis the season…for whatever you want. Love ‘em or loathe them, there’s no denying that seasonal coffee blends have become a big part of the holiday season. Right now, anything pumpkin flavored is a winner in our book.

4. Speaking of deliciousness, we’re thankful for this moist and flavorful Pumpkin Spice Coffee Bread recipe, and highly recommend you make it right now.

5. Expert artistry. Cheers to all the baristas who have mastered the skill of foam art.  Every random design makes a difference in making your customer feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

6. 24/7 access. Home coffee makers, portable coffee makers, and coffee shops together add up to the ultimate combo: a fix you can get anytime, anywhere.

7. Antioxidants, brain boosters, and other disease fighting attributes have been linked to drinking coffee – that’s right! You should probably have another cup…

8. Nasal delight…Yeah, we weren’t sure about that one either. But there’s no denying that the smell of a fresh pot of coffee, or even a freshly opened bag of beans, is one of life’s greatest aromas.

9. Versatility. Want your coffee iced? The magic touch of coffee ice cubes in your iced coffee will make sure your cooling beverage doesn’t get diluted on those hot summer days. Want to take your coffee camping? Get a cool camping coffee pot. The list of ways that coffee can be made to suit is pretty endless.

10. Coffee obsessors unite! Most of all, we’re thankful for you, fellow coffee lover, for reading our blog.

Happy Thanksgiving – and bottoms up.

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