About Us

Brew of the Moment: By the Coffee-Obsessed, for the Coffee-Obsessed

From an average but trusty cuppa joe to a perfectly frothed, extra hot cappuccino, the joy of coffee is boundless. Or, it is once you’ve got the right contraptions, products, and skills to make every cup better than the last. The trick is getting past the sometimes annoying jargon and the conflicting reviews of coffee makers. So what’s the solution for the coffee lover looking for straight-up intel without the hype? Finding a source you can trust to tell it like it is when it comes to all things coffee—and that’s why we’re here.

At Brew of the Moment, we’re genuinely passionate about coffee—making it, tasting it, judging it, living off it, etc. We just can’t stop ourselves from staying up to date on all things coffee, whether it’s by poring over the latest reviews of coffee makers, sampling new blends, or researching the difference between one bean and another. So we figured, why not share the info we compile with fellow coffee lovers worldwide?

We’ve put together this site to deliver high-quality, reliable info on the latest coffee products, equipment, and techniques for coffee fans both new and old. For those just beginning their adventure into coffeeland, we’ve got tips to help get you started, from articles on how to clean your coffee maker, to how to navigate the enormous world of coffee makers and reviews to find the one that’s right for you. We’ve also got content for readers like us—obsessive, er, experienced coffee aficionados, to help you stay on top of new products and techniques to enrich your already solid relationship with this important bean. Case in point: a series of product comparisons for when you’re ready to upgrade your coffee maker or experiment with a new brewing approach altogether.

So please, take a look around the site and see for yourself just how much we know about coffee. (Not to brag, but it is kind of a serious relationship we’ve got going with the stuff…)