Bean Master: How to Store Coffee Beans Like a Pro

For many coffee lovers, buying the perfect bag of fresh-roasted beans inspires sheer joy – and sometimes a healthy amount of trepidation. Can you possibly drink enough of the heaven-scented grounds before they lose their freshness? In short, yes. Here, we’ll share the scoop on how to store coffee beans effectively.

No matter what, it’s important to keep those beans dry and dark. Moisture, air, heat, and light can all compromise the freshness, taste, and aroma of your specialty coffee. Consider using a ceramic or glass, air-tight coffee canister to protect beans from light and air, and store it in a dry pantry or cabinet.

Though it’s not ideal, it’s also possible to freeze beans to maintain some freshness when you’ve got more than you can handle in the short term. Just place the original, unopened container inside an airtight plastic bag, and again in an opaque grocery bag. Note that moving the container in and out of the freezer exposes the beans to too much air and humidity, so only freeze it once. When your room-temp coffee canister has enough space, remove the container from the freezer and pour the frozen beans in there.

Most importantly, go with whole beans whenever possible. Whole beans can stay fresh up to a month after roasting, whereas ground beans maintain freshness for just under two weeks. Cheers to fresh coffee!

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