Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Coffee for a Latte

Is it latte o’clock? If frothy hot (or iced) espresso drinks are your thing, then treat yourself with the best coffee for a latte. Go on, you deserve it.

Best Coffee For a LatteThere are a few key things to look for on the quest for the perfect latte-appropriate bean: First off, it’s gotta be dark and bold. You’ll also need one that creates a thick and velvety crema (that’s the creamy top layer you get in good cappuccino). And as with any coffee, freshness counts.

The very freshest option will most likely be one that’s roasted locally, so before you head to the grocery store (online or otherwise), check your favorite local coffee shop to see if they’ve got anything roasted that day or week.

There are some exceptional options in the international marketplace as well. Try illy iperEspresso Capsules Dark Roasted Coffee for a robust flavor that will compliment the milk’s froth perfectly. Lavazza is also a critics’ choice—try their Super Crema Espresso for rich flavor and serious crema.

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