Coffee Lingo 101: Robusta vs Arabica

Okay, you love coffee. And you know there’s some kinds you like more than others. But just what is the difference in Robusta vs Arabica? With Arabica comprising 60 percent of the world’s coffee consumption, and Robusta coming in second with 20 percent, these are the two most prevalent types of coffee in the world—and there’s a world of difference between them.

Most importantly, let’s talk flavor. Much of this comes out through and is determined by the roasting process, so while the best Arabica coffee has enjoyed more popularity than the best Robusta coffee, it’s still quite possible for either to end up on top, depending on taste. Arabica beans possess a more acidic quality, while Robusta is full-bodied and bitter.

They also differ when it comes to caffeination. Robusta goes a lot higher on the buzz charts. The Robusta vs Arabica tally: Robusta’s got 1.7-4.0 percent caffeine compared to Arabica’s 0.8-1.4 percent.

Thirsty for more deets? The International Coffee Organization has stats on both species here.

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