European Elegance: The Neapolitan Coffee Maker

Neapolitan Coffee Maker

Neapolitan Coffee Maker

Ready to take your Italian coffee to the next level? Then get your mitts on an uber-elegant neapolitan coffee maker already.

We’re swooning over the Neapolitan Coffee Maker Miniature by Alessi, a lovingly rendered incarnation of the Napoletana pot. Made famous in Naples, Italy, in 1691, this drip brew coffee maker sits on the stovetop, and has a carafe on bottom and an inverted pot on top. It’s easy to use once you get the knack of it, but since it has to heat up on the stove, it does take a few minutes to produce the goods.

Alessi’s mini model is particularly appealing with elegant mirror-polished stainless steel, curved handle, and tapered spout. And most importantly, if you use dark, finely ground beans, it can turn out a darker, more flavorful brew than your typical automatic drip coffee pot.

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