Green Your K-Cup Routine With a Reusable K Cup

Reusable K Cup

Ekobrew Reusable K Cups

Perhaps the biggest coffee sensation of the last few years, single-cup coffee makers have captured popular attention with their promise of extreme convenience and hyper-customizability. But it doesn’t take an environmental scientist to guess that there’s a bit of an environmental toll associated with a conventional disposable K-cup. Yes, every day, millions of these tiny foil-covered plastic cups make their way to a landfill near you.

Fortunately for those with both an eye for sustainability and a taste for a perfectly brewed K-cup, Ekobrew has developed a reusable K cup. This reusable, BPA-free K-cup is super easy to useā€”just fill it with whatever you want, place it in the machine, and brew normally. Cleanup is a snap and it’s made to last, with a reinforced hinge and tight seal.

Guess that means everyone can now enjoy a good K-cup, including a happier, healthier Mama Earth.

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