Make Like a Food Critic and Learn How to Taste Coffee

When it comes to the deeply personal choice of coffee selection, don’t leave it up to experts you don’t know. Instead, why not become an expert yourself?

In our book, finding the perfect flavor of the month comes down to knowing how to taste coffee like a pro. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be cupping—the fancy term for tasting coffee—in no time.

You’ll need some fresh ground coffee, a cup of fresh-brewed coffee, a spoon, and yourself.

  1. Take a whiff: Gently shake the dry grounds and give them a sniff.
  2. Take a loud slurp: Get a good noisy taste and swish to make sure the coffee spreads to the back of your tongue.
  3. Spit it out: Now this may seem counterproductive, but this allows the coffee to really hit all the areas of your super-sensitive tongue.

Now just sit back and ponder the moment. How would you describe the body, aka the weight and texture? How much acidity could you taste? What kind of aroma did it produce?

Once you start analyzing your coffee on each of these levels, you’ll be an expert in how to taste coffee in no time.

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