The Inside Scoop on Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers

Like your coffee strong and dark while your significant other prefers a milder brew? Or maybe you’re the only coffee-drinker in your home, and are sick of wasting the undrunk coffee? Or perhaps you just like coffee to come out faster and quieter than with a traditional coffeepot?

Cuisinart SS-780SA Single Serve Brewing System

Cuisinart SS-780SA Single Serve Brewing System

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, then a single-serve brewing system may be the answer—and Cuisinart’s SS-780PC Single Serve Brewing System is well worth your consideration.

With the SS-700 series of Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers, Cuisinart has made it possible for coffee-lovers to whip up a single cuppa joe in no time. The stainless steel counter-top appliance is designed to use Keurig K-Cups, which contain pre-measured ground coffee in 200 various blends.

To assist you in your search of Cuisinart single serve brewing system reviews, we’ve put together our own product review, and rounded it out with highlights from other reviews for a full description of what you can expect.

Versatility in Function

For those with a hodgepodge of mug sizes in the cabinet—or simply the desire to choose between Grande and Venti depending on mood—the good news is you can use any of four hot beverage sizes with Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers. Menu options include six, eight, ten, and twelve ounces, and there’s also a four-ounce setting for iced drinks.

And speaking of versatility, this coffee maker doesn’t just make coffee to spec. K-Cups come with other beverage choices, like green or chai tea and hot chocolate. Plus, you can skip the K-Cup altogether to get hot water fast—perfect for things like instant soup or oatmeal.

How It Works

The beauty is in the simplicity. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4):

  1. Choose your mug of choice and set it on the drip tray (or remove the drip tray for taller to-go mugs)
  2. Lift the handle to open the brewing chamber
  3. Pop in your choice of K-Cup Portion Packs and lower the handle
  4. Use the up and down buttons on the LCD control panel to select the brew size, then press Brew

Less than one minute later, your once-empty mug will be full of steaming hot coffee (or hot chocolate, or tea, you get the picture.)

Wondering what happened to step 5, cleanup? It doesn’t exist. And neither does step 6, refilling the pot when you want to make more. That’s thanks to a couple of big technology perks, including a self-clean function (just press the Rinse button and the contraption handily refreshes the brew chamber) and the high-capacity water reservoir (with 80 ounces in there, you only need to fill it once for every eight or so uses).

Wanna prep your drink in advance? No problem—though it’s so fast, you probably won’t need to bother. Just use the Auto On/Off and digital clock settings on the LCD panel to program away.

What’s Included

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers are all about convenience, so rest assured, there aren’t any hidden extra parts you’ll need to order. The SS780-PC comes with all the things it needs to function at full capacity, including:

  • A charcoal filter, which removes chlorine, bad tastes, and odor from tap water.
  • A starter variety pack of 12 K-Cups so you can get to know some of the basic offerings before deciding which to add to the grocery list.
  • A reusable My K-Cup with built-in storage, so you can use other coffee should you feel like trying out a blend that Keurig doesn’t make.
  • A three-year warranty just in case any of those other things don’t do their job!

Pros and Cons From Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System Reviews

In addition to trying this model out for ourselves, we also researched opinions from other reviews to make sure we weren’t just getting lucky—and that you’re getting a well-rounded perspective on the product. A few pros and cons we rounded up from around the web include the following:

Popular Pros:

  • Quick and convenient
  • Easy to clean (ie, it cleans itself)
  • Good for workplaces or families where users have varying tastes or only one person is drinking coffee
  • Every cup is hot and fresh versus with a coffee pot, when it sits around until its time for seconds
  • Quiet-brew technology means those living in small homes can make coffee at odd hours, without worrying about the noise bugging anyone
  • BPA-free

Common Cons:

  • As with any single serve coffee makers, if you’re looking to make a lot of the same kind of coffee, it’s gonna take more time with this
  • Some reviewers have noticed pump problems or other malfunctions
  • Some reviewers have complained of a plastic taste with the first few uses
  • Sometimes K-Cups can get extra-pressurized, which may lead to functionality problems. Some reviewers have suggested that pricking the cup with a tiny hole can solve this—but it’s important to note that the product user manual specifically advises against doing so.

Interested in a video preview of Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers? Thought so. Check it out here.

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